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Welcome to McKinley Divinity!

     McKinley Divinity caters to enriching the lives of others by providing all things that are of love & light. McKinley Divinity encourages its spiritual community by providing top-notch services, such as: Ancestry Work, Tarot Readings, Yes/No Pendulum Readings, Spiritual Therapy, Manifestation Murals, & many more! The goal of McKinley Divinity is to enhance the lives within the spiritual community, through psychic meditative healing tools.

         Englesh McKinley is the Creator & Enchantress of McKinley Divinity. Englesh has an educational background in Psychology & the Law, which helps her connect to others on a raw, personal level, while advocating for both their spiritual and physical needs. She also utilizes divination tools such as Tarot, Art, Intuition, The Law of Attraction & Intention Setting to help others manifest their lives to their fullest potential. As an Empath, who naturally picks  up on the emotions and energy of those around her, it is Englesh's goal to bring clarity and serenity to those who need it the most.

          The intention of McKinley Divinity is to be a source of liberation through the midst of any storm. For without struggle, there can be no progress. - Fredrick Douglass


Areas covered include:

Tarot & Yes/ No pendulum readings (Love, life, general)




Ansestry Work, Shadow Work, & Manifestation Murals.

Guidance for Future Goals,  Desires, and career opportunities.




Inner Growth & Spiritual Development 

DISCLAIMER! The services provided by McKinley Divinity are not to replace any expert health, legal, &/or any other professional expertise. Please contact us for any personal inqueries via email at

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